I do not like any of the Skullcandy buds or phones. I've tried most of them. They don't sound great. I have a hard time spending money, no matter how cheap, on buds that just don't sound good. I'd rather pay $25 for good sounding buds than $2.50 for cheap crappy sounding ones. » 6/23/14 11:05am 6/23/14 11:05am

I am absolutely not going to buy on the first trip to your dealership. When shopping for my wife's car, our last purchase, we went comparison shopping. 4 dealers tried to sit us down and give us the "what's it going to take to get you into a car today" spiel. It was beyond that. They were plain pushy and rude,… » 6/05/14 11:22am 6/05/14 11:22am

So Walmart, for example, has the vast majority of their employees on part time, paying a non-living wage. Those people turn around and are supported by the gov through food stamps and a vast sea of other programs. Walmart is being subsidized by the gov. Record profits. Non-living wages. Gov subsidy to Walmart. » 3/11/14 10:47am 3/11/14 10:47am

I use pool noodles to carry canoe on top of my car without roof rails. Put one noodle along the top of each gunwale (the top of the sides of the canoe). Flip the canoe upside down, lay it on the roof, secure front and back to the bumpers. Bob's yer uncle. » 1/02/14 9:04am 1/02/14 9:04am